Specializing in carbon, stainless steel, epoxy and poly casing spacers and wall sleeves with pipe seals. 


Backflow preventers up to 12" for  irrigation, fire protection and domestic water. Wye strainers, dual  checks, BF test kits and in-building risers.  


Sewer plugs, pipe testers, flow-thru bags, manhole test equipment, Hurco products


​A complete line of PVC gasketed and solvent weld sewer fittings including SDR35 and SDR26.  


A complete line of safety and line marking signs with optional municipal custom signs 


Freeze and vandal protective enclosures - fiberglass and aluminum


Polywrap, ratchet wrenches, probe rods, hydrant wrench, manhole hooks, valve and curb keys, shut off tools, retainer clamps, meter flanges, link seals, wall sleeves, extension stem.

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North American Pipe offers pipe ranging from 1/2"-36" in both gasketed and solvent weld

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The industry leader in solvent cements, pipe coatings, sealants, lubricants and tools.


Full line of municipal casings including domestic cast iron lids and domestic/import valve box risers


HDPE  meter boxes, sizes from 6" round up to 17"x30". Options of C.I. or  plsatic reader lids, and T/R holes, roadway valve boxes, fiberglass and  poly concrete boxes and vaults.